Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have decided that I want to start giving Lauren some things around the house that she will be responsible for doing. I started with something that she wants and tries to do every day anyway. Little did I know that it would turn out to be the funniest thing she does all day.

Lauren is in charge of feeding the dog everyday. She loves every minute of it. The dog food bag is next to the bowl and she easily gets three scoops out for the dog. At first she would only get three or four actual pieces of food in the cup. She got so frustrated when the dog would eat those pieces before she got more in the bowl. She wanted to get the bowl full before the dog ate. She soon learned to scoop full cups of food and things got much better for her.

Now the chore has changed a bit. Instead of putting the scoops in the bowl, she takes the cup and walks to the foyer. She goes to a little purple rocking chair that is directly across from the door to the kitchen. She sits down with the cup and throws Rugby his food one piece at a time. She doesn't just drop a piece close by for Rugby to get. Oh, no. She chucks those pieces as far into the kitchen as she can and laughs when the dog looks frantically to find it after it has bounced off every corner of the room. The dog works off his food before he even eats it running around the kitchen to find his food. Sometimes Lauren will go into rapid-fire mode and throw those pieces like they are coming out of a semi-automatic rifle. The dog will actually just spin around and around in a circle because the food is coming so fast at him, he can't keep up.

Lauren is very responsible, though. After the cup has been emptied, she will go into the kitchen and point out any piece to the dog that he missed. It might be a little unconventional, but at least she is doing her chores.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Empathy has always been one of those things that I hoped my child would have, but had no idea how to teach it. It's one of those personality traits that either comes naturally and you don't even think about it, or it takes a little work to perfect. Either way, it's one of the most important character traits a person can have.

I learned today that Lauren is well on her way to becoming a caring, empathetic, little person. I have been getting migraines more and more lately and they kind of wipe me out. Today was no exception. Ty does a great job of getting Lauren off the bus so I don't have to try to face the sun and I can lay in bed and relax. Lauren comes in after school and gives me the biggest smile and gently walks over to my side of the bed. She will say, "Mommy, boo-boo head?" in the softest voice. Almost like she knows that the loud sounds hurt my head more. She puts her book bag down and comes over to give me a kiss on the forehead. She will then walk over to the other side of the bed, crawl up next to me, and cover us both up. The next part melts my heart. She will roll over, throw her arm over me, and pat my shoulder for a while. Every once in a while looking up and flashing me a smile. One time she asked if I wanted a drink and brought me a juice box from the fridge. She has a servant heart and I love her willingness to help someone who is a little under the weather.

I love that little girl.

Friday, April 25, 2008


I have a daredevil for a child. She is the bravest little thing I ever did meet. She gives me a heart attack on a weekly basis, but I love every minute of it. What I love the most is that she doesn't think that she has any limitations. She wants to do and tries to do anything she sees another kid attempt. It warms my heart to see her confidence.

Her latest trick has come out of the blue. I guess it was only a matter of time since we have a hill in our backyard. Ty, Lauren and I ate outside last night and enjoyed some southern weather. When Lauren was finished she got her little tricycle and was riding it around the table. At one point she even put it in her little playhouse and got it stuck. I guess Ty and I were deep in conversation because I didn't notice that Lauren had pushed her tricycle up the hill and was sitting on her bike looking at us. Before I could even say, 'Be careful', Lauren lifted her legs up off the ground, leaned back in her seat and started flying down the hill with one hand holding the handle bar. The other one was flapping in the wind as she made a b-line right towards us. Half way down, after my heart started again, she started to veer off to the right. She was heading right for a large tree-like shrub. I was trying to decide if I should run up there and jump in front of her before she hits the tree like a secret service man would jump in front of a bullet, or let her learn to put her legs down to stop herself. I would have told her to put her legs down, but you couldn't hear anything over the enormous belly laugh that was coming out of Lauren's mouth. So I just held my breath and hoped we didn't need to make a trip to the emergency room.

At the very last second, Lauren put both feet down and stopped just as a branch twisted itself into one of her pony tails. Like I said, she makes my heart stop on a weekly basis.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Video Coming Soon

Lauren had her first little performance at school on Wednesday. Her class was invited to participate in a program run by the Allegro Foundation. In a nut shell, the Allegro Foundation provides extra activities geared towards hearing impaired children. It is an adapted P.E. class that integrates techniques specially used for children with hearing difficulties. For example, they recently got a grant to make platforms that have giant speakers built right in the wood. It allows the children to dance and sing on cue based on the vibrations they feel through the platform. It's all pretty cool actually.

Ty took video of the performance and I will be posting it soon if I can figure out how to do it. Trust me, it was really cute. At the end, all the kids got a medal and certificate of completion. Lauren walked around all day wearing her little medal. I think she might have gotten a taste of the limelight. I think we might be in trouble.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Are You Sure?

I went to church early Sunday morning to fulfill my duties as an actor in the children's area. Usually, I take my time and get to church for the mid-morning service. Luck would have it that I left early to see this most unusual sight. All was quiet as I pulled out of my suburban Charlotte neighborhood. I wasn't 3 feet from the entrance of my subdivision when I saw it.

It was trotting down the sidewalk heading for my neighborhood like it didn't have a care in the world. Out in the open, not even trying to hide. I saw my very first, real-life, in the flesh, coyote! No, it isn't a typo, I saw a coyote wandering the streets of a very populated area of Charlotte.

Every one's first question...Are you sure it wasn't a dog? Yup. 110% sure. Long bushy tail, scraggly fur, sharp eyes, long snout. It stared at me as I drove slowly by. I'm sure it was on it's way to find a poodle or something for breakfast.

I tried to call animal control, but the operator for 411 said there was no listing for animal control in Charlotte. I found out later that I needed to call 311. The next time you come over for a visit, be careful. It's Wild Kingdom over here!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back To School

This is the first week back for Lauren after CMS had their Spring Break. Lauren did not do so hot with the adjustment back into her school routine. Every morning went well, however, we had to wake her up each day. During the break she slept in and was used to that added bonus. School went fine for her and she had no bad reports. It was when she got off the bus that her inner beast was released causing utter and unyielding crankiness.

It was when her foot hit our driveway that the claws and fangs grew instantly and nothing was going to satisfy her. We couldn't do anything right for her, the world was about to come to an end, and we hadn't even made it to the front door yet. She spent the better part of the week coming in the door after school and going right to her room for time out.

As a teacher, I looked forward to these long breaks from school. As a parent, not so much. I now have a couple months to prepare for the long summer break. If this week is any indication how vacations from school are going to go, fall should be fun.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


My sister -in-law, Kim, is so encouraging to me. Anytime she finds a story about a person that has Cerebral Palsy or a hearing impairment, she always passes it along to me. They are good stories that are filled with hope and inspiration and it does my heart a lot of good.

The lastest one she told me about was no different. It is the story about Miss Iowa and the Miss USA Pagent. Miss Iowa is the first contestant to have a physical disability (There was a contestant with a hearing impairment a few years ago). Miss Iowa has Cerebral Palsy and her story is amazing. There is a video link on the right hand side of this page that will show you what I am talking about.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


For the last two days, I have been working out with my husband. For those of you who don't know, Ty is a former Marine in the Unites States Armed Forces. Translation: He knows how to kick my butt when working out. We did something called the Marine Corps Seven. There are seven different exercises that you do in sets of 20. Did you know that if you don't use your muscles for a long time then use them a lot, your muscles get mad at you? Mine are not on speaking terms with me. In fact, every time I move, they seem to yell at me. It hurts so bad then when I bend down to pick something up, there is a split second that I think my legs will give out from under me and I will never get up again.

The good news is that I am one pound away from losing 10 pounds! It is totally worth walking around like I just broke every bone in my body. It's only temporary, right? I believe that my muscles will one day work properly. I just have no idea when that will be.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break

Lauren is on Spring Break this week and home with Daddy until I get home from work. Please allow me to share the scene that I saw yesterday.

I came home to a little girl wearing only her pajama top, no pants (she takes them off so it is easier to use the potty and never puts them back on), running in circles with her Dr. Seuss backpack on pushing her shopping cart filled with food and a baby doll. Every once in a while I would see the flash of a bare white tushy fly by. It took everything in my being not to jump across and pinch the snot out of that kid's tush. It was too cute!

I wonder what I'll see today.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Here are some of the most classic phrases Lauren is learning to say. Even though the hearing aids have been in for a while, she hasn't quite got all the correct pronunciations of letters in the alphabet. It makes for a cute sentence every once in a while.

"Daddy, top it!" - translation: Daddy, stop it!

"I und peeta." - translation: I want pizza.

"Tank too, Mommy." - translation: Thank you, Mommy.

The most exciting thing is the fact that she says them without being prompted. That is a sure sign that these words are in her vocabulary and she knows how to use them correctly. This is what we have been waiting to see for a while now. I couldn't be more excited. There's no turning back now. I'm going to look back on this blog and wonder why I ever wanted to put an end to the peace and quiet. I have a feeling that she will never want to stop talking once she gets the hang of this. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I finally got sick of brushing out endless numbers of snarls in the morning and decided to cut it all off. Lauren was an angel and watched 'The Bee Movie' the entire time. We went to a place called Doolittle's. She got to sit in a car and watch a movie while the lady cut her hair. I know she's my kid, but I have to say she looks awfully cute! Maybe now, Daddy will even do her hair before he takes her out into public.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Scream, You Scream

This is the face of a happy customer. She loved her very first push-up from the ice cream man. You know it's a good day when red sherbert has reached your right arm. You should have seen the driveway....